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DHL Parcel to consolidate branding for its shopping portal [Integrator]


MeinPaket.de to become Allyouneed
Grocery services to be bundled under Allyouneed Fresh

In both Germany and Europe, DHL is taking another important step to expand its international parcel business and to give both consumers and merchants access to attractive e-commerce offerings in more and more countries. Now DHL plans to expand its "MeinPaket.de" and "Allyouneed.com" shopping portals, which are already successfully established in Germany, to other European markets. In the first step, "Allyouneed" is set to become the umbrella brand under which DHL Parcel will bundle these activities in all countries. The first shopping portal under this new name began operation in Poland in March and offers online merchants and consumers a platform specially adapted to the needs of the Polish market.

"Allyouneed's entry into the Polish market reflects our strategy of establishing new services and products in Europe's booming e-commerce markets in order to promote the development of this growth market," says Andrej Busch, CEO DHL Parcel Germany and DHL Parcel Europe. "Poland is one of the fastest-growing markets and serves as an excellent launch pad for expanding our marketplace model into other countries."

MeinPaket to become Allyouneed
Now the "MeinPaket.de" marketplace is also operating - and growing - under the "Allyouneed" umbrella brand in Germany, where 3.5 million private customers can shop for more than 15 million products offered by over 3,000 dealers.

Allyouneed to become Allyouneed Fresh
The "Allyouneed" online supermarket is now operating under the "Allyouneed Fresh" brand name in a conscious effort to direct the attention of private customers to the online supermarket’s extensive array of fresh produce. "The trend of conveniently taking care of supermarket purchases online and having the goods delivered to the desired destination within a narrowly defined time frame will continue to gain acceptance in Germany," says Andrej Busch. "We have an outstanding platform in 'Allyouneed Fresh' and we plan to promote its growth both domestically and internationally."

"Allyouneed Fresh" offers its 150,000 regular customers in Germany a selection of more than 20,000 products, including 3,000 items of fresh produce. Parallel with the rebranding in Germany, the Allyouneed shop established for the Chinese market is also switching to the new brand. DHL Parcel plans for both platforms, the "Allyouneed" marketplace and the "Allyouneed Fresh" online supermarket, to provide innovative impulses for its logistics capabilities and to secure its leading position in the German parcel market for all business customers.

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