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"Corporate responsibility is a major success factor" [Integrator]


"Corporate responsibility is a major success factor"

Significant improvement in international sustainability ratings
Carbon efficiency improved by 23%
Eleven new country partnerships with SOS Children's Villages and educational network Teach For All

Responsible business practice is the foundation for the long-term growth and success of Deutsche Post DHL Group. With its annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report the Group provides a detailed look at its global activities in the area of corporate responsibility, as well as progress made during the previous year. The title of this year's CR Report - "Insight" - underscores the commitment on the part of Deutsche Post DHL Group to sharing information with its stakeholder groups. The CR Report features the Group's global activities in the areas of corporate responsibility, as well as changes and developments along its economic, social and ecological areas of action. A positive development is the relisting in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe in 2014 and the recognition of the highest rating from MSCI, a leading provider of investment decision support tools. An essential element of the report is a materiality analysis conducted in 2013, which is based on a comprehensive stakeholder survey and forms the basis for the Group's CR reporting.

"Corporate responsibility is a major success factor. Our aim is to conduct our business in a responsible manner, to develop sustainable products and solutions for our customers and to apply our company's core competencies for the good of society," says Christof Ehrhart, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL Group. "We connect people and make their lives easier - that's what we do as a mail and logistics company. In our eleventh CR Report - entitled 'Insight' - we provide all of our stakeholder groups with a look at what we achieved last year in our various CR-related areas and where we made notable progress."

One example of progress made in 2014 was reaching a 23% improvement in carbon efficiency across Deutsche Post DHL Group. This marks a continuous improvement in the area of carbon efficiency and yet another big step towards achieving the Group's goal of improving the carbon efficiency of its operations (and that of its transportation subcontractors) by 30% by the year 2020 (as compared to 2007). In the area of corporate citizenship, Deutsche Post DHL Group initiated partnerships with SOS Children's Villages and the global educational network Teach For All in a total of eleven new countries. Today the Group is active in a total of 32 countries working to improve educational opportunity and employability for disadvantaged children and young people. DHL's "GoHelp" experts were deployed throughout the world in 2014, conducting disaster preparedness training at seven airports as part of the GARD program, and deploying disaster response teams (DRT) twice to support relief efforts in Chile and Panama.

Deutsche Post DHL Group could increase the share of eco-efficient vehicles in its fleet and till today carried out 17,600 efficiency-improvement measures on approximately 11,200 vehicles, thus improving the climate-friendliness of more than12% of its fleet. Deutsche Post DHL Group also acquired StreetScooter GmbH in late 2014. With the acquisition, the Group underscores its innovation leadership in the area of alternative drive technologies and ensures the continued expansion of its energy-efficient fleet of electric vehicles, which use electricity generated from renewable energy sources. In the reporting year, the percentage of electricity from renewable energy sources used across the Group in buildings, facilities and electric vehicles increased to over 61%.

In 2014, the number of apprentices working in different vocations across the Group increased to over 5,000 worldwide. In Germany alone, high school graduates can choose from over 20 recognized apprenticeship schemes. The newly-established Diversity Council began work in February 2014 to help anchor diversity and diversity management in the Group over the long term, and to advance the goals established by the Group's Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Statement. With a 9.1% employment rate of persons with disabilities in Germany, Deutsche Post DHL Group is, already today, significantly above the national average in Germany's private sector.

The Group also supports and encourages employee volunteer work with its annual Global Volunteer Day and with the Living Responsibility Fund. The internal "We Help Each Other" relief fund provides a way for employees to make donations to fellow employees who have been affected by natural disaster. In addition, the UPstairs program provides scholarships to employee children.

The following is an overview of the most important developments in 2014:
A total of 2.12 billion climate-neutral shipments were transported in 2014
Carbon efficiency improved by 23% as compared to 2007
Deutsche Post DHL continued to increase the eco-efficiency of its fleet in 2014, with 11,200 environmentally-friendly vehicles now on the road
The disaster preparedness program "Get Airports Ready for Disaster" (GARD) conducted trainings at seven airports in the Dominican Republic, Jordan, the Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka and twice in Armenia
"Disaster Response Teams" were deployed to Chile following forest fires and to Panama following a river contamination disaster
The partnership with the global educational initiative "Teach For All" was expanded to include the country organization "Enseña Ecuador", and now includes a total of eight countries. 1.15 million children and young people around the world benefitted last year from the work of "Teach For All's" 35 country organizations
The collaboration with "SOS Children's Villages" was expanded to include partnerships with ten additional country organizations, increasing the total to 24 country partnerships
Approximately 108,000 employees in 117 countries got involved in Global Volunteer Day and contributed 245,000 hours of volunteer work
Despite difficult global economic conditions, the workforce continued to grow to more than 480,000 employees and over 5,000 apprentices and trainees
The Diversity Council began work in support of the Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Statement
Already today, more than 40% of Deutsche Post DHL Group share capital is held by signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment
Deutsche Post DHL Group was relisted in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and DJSI Europe
MSCI confirmed the highest rating ("AAA") for Deutsche Post DHL Group

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