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Deutsche Post DHL reaches green electricity benchmark [Integrator]


Group increases share of green electricity in global operations to over 60 percent
More than 450,000 tons CO2 avoided in 2013
Eleven countries of the Group already use over 90 percent green electricity

Deutsche Post DHL reached another milestone of its environmental protection program GoGreen: More than 60 percent of its global electricity demand is now generated from renewable sources. Over the past two years, the company increased its green electricity share by half - from 42 percent in 2012 to over 60 percent by 2014. Already today Deutsche Post DHL utilizes green electricity of over 90 percent, for example in Germany, the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland and France. These improvements are part of a holistic concept of the company with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of its business: Deutsche Post DHL with its GoGreen program implements technologies to reduce its energy consumption ("burn less") as well as reducing carbon emissions through measures focused on switching to sustainable energy sources ("burn clean").

"Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our company strategy. Our efforts and the progress we make towards becoming an environmentally friendly company are on the one hand a sign of respect for the world we live in and on the other hand this also supports our customers' needs. We are therefore pleased to achieve yet another target on our GoGreen agenda by increasing our use of green electricity Group-wide to over 60 percent", said Christof Ehrhart, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL.

The company aims to further expand its green electricity
Over the past years Deutsche Post DHL succeeded in constantly increasing the share of electricity from renewable sources. In 2010 the share of green electricity was 37 percent of the overall consumption Group-wide. Due to the improvements, the Group was able to avoid more than 450,000 tons CO2 over the past year. On the basis of market availability of green electricity and economic considerations, the Group focuses on the regions of Europe and North America. In line with European and national legislation Deutsche Post DHL mainly uses GoOs (Guarantees of Origin) or RECS certificates (Renewable Energy Certificate System) as instruments to track and ensure that the company's requirements are met: Electricity from 100 percent renewable sources that follows a transparent and verified approach, with proven environmental benefits with regard to the CO2 balance. For the forthcoming years, the company aims to further expand its green electricity in additional regions as for example Asia Pacific, provided the required conditions are met.

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