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MICT deploys cutting-edge MTS [Seaport]


International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) recently added a new line of port equipment at the Manila International Container Terminal, the multi-trailer system (MTS).

The MTS allows the transportation of more containers in a single haul compared to the traditional single-trailer system.

ICTSI now deploys short MTS (two or three trailers in a set) at the MICT Berth 5 for short-distance trips to and from Berth 6.

An MTS is composed of one tractor unit and several trailers. One MAFI tractor can handle multiple trailer sets in “ship-to-stack” mode. Meanwhile, an MTS made up of three trailers can transport containers to and from the wharf during vessel operation. In this mode, one tractor can haul a maximum of three 40-foot containers or six twenty-foot equivalent units in a single travel.

MICT first received 16 units of Houcon Holland custom-made trailer for the MTS which arrived on the ER Freemantle.

After two weeks of intensive training, 14 select MICT prime move operators passed the Basic MAFI Tractor Product training.

ICTSI is a leading port management company involved in the operations and development of 23 marine terminals and port projects in 17 countries worldwide. ICTSI was among the first international terminal operators to take its expertise overseas.

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