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FedEx Realigns Specialty Logistics And E-Commerce Solutions [Integrator]

FedEx Corp. announced the realignment, beginning March 1, 2018, of its specialty logistics and e-commerce solutions in a new structure under FedEx Trade Networks, Inc. (FTN), creating an organization focused on serving the unique needs of this important growth driver.

“In order to improve our ability to leverage the unique capabilities of our specialty companies, we are realigning several companies in a new organizational structure under FedEx Trade Networks, led by FTN CEO Richard W. Smith,” said David J. Bronczek, president and chief operating officer, FedEx Corporation. “Richard brings a strong background in working with the unique capabilities that have existed in many parts of the FedEx portfolio for several years and is well suited to lead this new organization that will bring these solutions to customers more seamlessly than ever.”

The elements of this organization are as follows:

FedEx Custom Critical1
FedEx Cross Border
FedEx Supply Chain1
FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage
A new company called FedEx Forward Depots with responsibility for Critical Inventory and Service Parts Logistics, 3-D Printing, Repair Center and the FedEx Packaging Lab.
“This realignment under FedEx Trade Networks will allow us to offer customers the full power of our wide array of unique and competitively advantaged customized services in a way that is even more convenient and intuitive,” said Richard W. Smith, CEO, FedEx Trade Networks. “I am delighted to lead this organization of talented FedEx team members in delivering to customers the power of the broad FedEx global portfolio.”

1 FedEx Supply Chain results, currently reported in the FedEx Ground segment, and FedEx Custom Critical results, currently reported in the FedEx Freight segment, will be reported with FedEx Trade Networks in the FedEx Express segment effective March 1, 2018.

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Panalpina adds three agents to Perishables Network [Forwarder]

Three long-standing agents of Panalpina in Asia and the Americasare becoming full members of the company’s Perishables Network. Nominated for their outstanding record following years of cooperation and a thorough vetting process, Cropa (Guatemala and Honduras), MIT Cargo (Sri Lanka) and TML (Pakistan) reached a respective agreement during Fruit Logistica 2018 in Berlin to intensify their cooperation with Panalpina in order to create new end-to-end solutions for customers and expand the perishables business.

By working more closely with its agents Panalpina aims to develop consistent standards for perishables logistics across the world. “In the perishables industry, shippers and local forwarders have traditionally followed their own practices. By working more closely together with our agents, we can establish our own standard and create a reliable and uniform environment for our customer where they enjoy the same experience wherever they may be,” explains Colin Wells, global head of Perishables at Panalpina.

As infrastructure and production techniques for fresh produce improve in many origin countries, new transport routes and equipment, better packaging and more varied products can also drive market opportunities for Panalpina’s agents. “For the new member agents, our Perishables Network is a door opener for the global market. Together we can create new end-to-end solutions for their customers and expand the perishables business,” says Marco Spiess, global agent relations manager at Panalpina.

Guatemala and Honduras

Panalpina's agent in Central America since 1985, Cropa has offices in Guatemala and Honduras, an extended portfolio of perishables services and a complete warehousing structure in El Salvador. The number one perishable export from is bananas. Others include snow peas, berries, baby vegetables, asparagus, melon, mangoes, limes, shrimp, and pineapples.

Sri Lanka

MIT Cargo has been Panalpina’s agent in Sri Lanka since 1988. Its perishables operations include 24/7 temperature-controlled warehousing facilities at the Air Cargo Village within Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. Sri Lanka’s top perishable exports are fruits and vegetables, fish, seafood, foliage, and cut flowers.


Operating out of Karachi, Pakistan, TML has been Panalpina’s agent since 2012. TML has state-of-the-art reefer equipment backed by an experienced team offering expert handling and tailored multi-modal year-round transportation of fresh and frozen goods. Pakistan’s top perishables exports by air are mangoes, vegetables, meat, and seafood. By ocean these also include seafood, as well as mandarins, potatoes, and onions.

Panalpina plans to add more agents to the Perishables Network throughout 2018, especially in Africa.

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Panalpina and e-commerce disruption in perishables [Forwarder]


"New virtual e-tailers are coming up in the next few years that none of us have even heard of," says Colin Wells, global head of perishables at Panalpina.
Highlighting a 42-ton, 10-flight shipment of frozen guacamole completed in record time, an Air Cargo World feature on forwarders and e-commerce in perishables saw Panalpina’s Colin Wells and Quint Wilken elaborate on the state of the sector.

Answering whether Amazon would not be a factor, Wells, global head of perishables at Panalpina said that “as we stand at the moment, Amazon has had very little impact. The people at Amazon have to develop their forwarding logistics footprint, whereas if you look at Panalpina, we’ve already got an established forwarding and logistics platform.”

However, Wells pointed out that the Amazon/Whole Foods deal will send ripples through the perishables business in the form of a wake-up call. “A number of importers and growers and other retailers are finally realizing they need to do something sooner rather than later by viewing perishables on a global scale rather than just a country-centric solution.”

Wells added that Amazon is not yet seen as a major threat in this sector. “If anything, I embrace [the Amazon/Whole Foods deal], because the industry needs changing. We believe there’s going to be new virtual e-tailers coming up in the next few years that none of us have even heard of [and] they are going to need choice. Amazon will have their own solution, and therefore we believe that Panalpina will be well-positioned to actually offer solutions to non-Amazon retailers.”

As one of the most active players in the perishables M&A scene, Panalpina “has been very strategic [with] some smaller acquisitions, some bigger,” Wells added. “The mergers are really being done to create a true perishables network that allows us to offer a potential customer – be it at origin or destination – an end-to-end solution. Panalpina truly is in a good position where we can offer a one-stop shop.”

Like the guacamole going from Mexico to the UK. “These shipments demonstrate how Panalpina can fully manage the cool chain from door to door,” said Quint Wilken, head of perishables for Panalpina in Europe.

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DB Schenker Collaborates with Cisco to Reveal the Internet of Things [Forwarder]


Digitization will change societies, and therefore logistics: changing the way we move, store, and secure goods around the world. DB Schenker and Cisco believe that the changes in transportation, warehousing, customs, and last mile delivery are massive, pervasive, and are already altering the way both companies do business worldwide. DB Schenker and Cisco aim to drive this transformation together, and continue their leadership of innovation in their respective industries.

The teams have joined forces to examine technologies that unleash new opportunities to optimize warehouse and transportation processes. A joint Innovation Lab is open and set up in our warehouse in Houston, Texas to test and commercialize new technologies for logistics. Schenker and Cisco are testing cutting edge technologies, including:

Sensor-based solutions
Real-time locationing systems
Robotics and automation
Smart devices
Video analytics
Augmented Reality
Energy and Asset Management
Facial Recognition
The applications are developed by both Cisco and DB Schenker. Following entry into the Innovation Lab, applications and products are thoroughly tested by DB Schenker employees in a warehouse environment. During the trial phase, the team assesses both technical feasibility and the value proposition within a warehousing and supply chain environment.

”We’re thrilled at the collaboration between DB Schenker and Cisco on IoT and digitization for logistics. We have developed many technologies together that we think are groundbreaking for the industry. The work in the Innovation Lab has allowed us to determine how certain new technologies can be developed to change the way we do Logistics and Supply Chain dramatically. DB Schenker has a thorough understanding of the complex requirements for innovative logistics solutions. With our expertise and strong commitment, we are supporting Cisco in shaping the future of logistics”, says Tom Schmitt, Chief Commercial Officer & Member of the Board Contract Logistics at DB Schenker.

According to Senior Director of Cisco Global Logistics Jack Allen, "Cisco aspires to change the logistics industry. The roots of the technology in the logistics industry date back as far as 700 years. We believe that by applying many of the concepts of digitization in the Internet age, we can make that transformation happen. We're excited about working with the best companies in the world, like Schenker, to truly change the way we move and store goods globally. These kinds of collaborations will allow us to dramatically improve the way we do logistics and, we hope, will allow us to improve logistics around the world.”

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DHL and BVL School of Logistics re-launch their Corporate Automotive Logistics Academy (CALA) [Integrator]


New advanced global qualification program to address the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in automotive logistics
Kick off for the new program will be given in Germany on February 21 with the LAB Industry 4.0

DHL Global Forwarding signed a three-year contract with the BVL School of Logistics to extend its collaboration on the global qualification program for automotive logistics experts. The Corporate Automotive Logistics Academy (CALA), initiated by Volker Oesau, CEO Middle Europe, DHL Global Forwarding, now serves even better the current needs of logistics experts in the automotive sector. For instance, the growing digitalization of the automotive sector and of its supply chains has become an integral part of the program. In the last few years, the first modules were tested in Europe, America and Asia. The findings were integrated into the new concept. For the next three years, CALA will be offering three LABS in Europe, America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

"With its eight automotive competence centers in the most important automotive countries around the globe and its integrated supply chain management portfolio DHL Global Forwarding is a longlasting and important partner of the automotive sector. CALA reflects our idea to shape our future together. The ongoing interactive LAB process of thinking, acting and reflecting in a group allows all of us to redesign the supply chain in a faster way," explains Volker Oesau, CEO Middle Europe, DHL Global Forwarding.

The automotive industry is facing the greatest transformation in history. Drivers are urbanization, digitalization and climate change. Smart factories must be closely interfaced with smart logistics. Processes, technologies, organizations and culture must be synchronized. This requires additional skills for all parties involved in automotive logistics.

Today, CALA offers three future LABs with premium knowledge, innovative learning formats, think tank rooms and global network options. Each LAB is divided into different didactic steps: a highgrade keynote lecture from top-class professors, industry experts and scientists; a discussion panel to gain the perfect mix of theory and practice; all participants will examine, brainstorm and create fresh ideas as well as first findings in various think tanks. Finally, the first joint experiences and results are presented. At the end of the LAB, the participants receive a certificate. A summary of the LAB is compiled soon after LAB completion.

Kick off for the newly designed global qualification program will be in Germany on February 21. The first LAB looking on Industry 4.0 will be held at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf. During the one day lasting program managers will be introduced to the dynamic world of digital transformation with the special focus on industry 4.0 applications in automotive production. The participants will get a broad view of the actual developments as well as the trends for the future. Practical examples and experiences from the automotive sector and other leading branches will provide a deeper insight of realistic implementation scenarios for the own company.

"Talent shortfalls in logistics are considered one of the most important challenges in the coming years. CALA's qualification program is the perfect solution to prepare automotive logistics experts for the future. On February 21, 2018, we will start our first LAB on the topic of Industry 4.0 in the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany. We look forward to the first LAB experiences," says Prof. Josef Decker, PhD, Academic Director, BVL School of Logistics.

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